A Conversation with: Tomasz Karpinski full english transcript - Karolina Skorek
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A Conversation with: Tomasz Karpinski full english transcript

Tomasz Karpiński – Fashion Designer, Modern Shaman & Tarot Reader. 

Hello everyone. My name is Tomasz Karpinski. At the request of Karolina Skorek, I Will tell you my vision, my version. How I perceive and understand our World of Dreams.
Each of us certainly had some dreams that shook us up as soon as you woke up, and you wondered how it was possible, That some consciousness of the spiritual world sent us such messages?
For me, it is primarily the effect of our breathing.
Our pineal gland produces DMT,
a substance that is responsible for our dreams.
Dreams are nothing more than an astral travel,
Which we can experience for example on ayahuasca .
DMT is said to be produced only when we are born and die.
However, the truth is that also
conscious breathing, our conscious breathing
produces the DMT substance, which allows us to dream and have visions.
People who work more with spiritually,
are more aware of what’s going on around them.

I believe that they receive their messages From an even higher dimension. And this is also such an encouragement on my part to actually practice conscious breathing through meditation to truly be connected with self, Because those answers are within us.

Our soul actually sends us these messages. And this is how I see it, my dear friends here’s how I see it.

K: Tell me if in your practice.

K: Do you work with dreams If so, how does it help you?

With breathing? K: No, with the dreaming itself.

Generally, when I have a kind of a problem in a sense, although I am shaken by it the answers often come in a dream.I had a dream recently, that was on one hand beautiful, on the other hand creepy, drastic and so on, but I knew that this is just a very important message and I spoke to my clairvoyant friend, to help me connect with it once again and just find it. and that very dream was the answer to my ailments. It was simply the answer that everything would be fine.

Therefore, this drastic element, but At the same time, I fully understood that everything would be fine.

I think that some We have meaning of dreams, fromEgyptian knowledge to other cultures. Collected in a form of Dream Books that actually have the right meanings, such as dark water, or dirty waters, means nothing good, but some meanings are very fallible. we are living in the awakening of anew era and sometimes this real knowledge is heavily mixed with the New Age. It is also necessary to know what we are referring to what kind of knowledge are we referring to, whether this is the New Age stuff, where you don`t know where they got it from, or maybe it goes back to the source, to tradition, etc. Because he who seeks the truth will find it anyway. Dreams are like that, too, maybe we dont understand them. But they are stuck with us. And one day we get this aha moment. the moment where it all clicks.

When I began to awaken spiritually, I had a dream that also shook me a lot. And I can tell you about it. In the dream we are also thinking, we also have this subconscious, present while dreaming. I had a dream that I have found number three. I found a metal key fobs in the backyard. A three and four made from metal and I’m wondering whether to choose a three or choose a four. My subconscious in the dream told me “you must choose only one.”

And I have chosen number three.

It was my sister’s backyard. And since then, number three have been appearing to me everywhere.

I experienced my sisters divorce, very emotionally because I am a very emotional person. and this event greatly influenced my spiritual awakening, as it was my total break down. And then I began to see simply the synchronisation of the threes. In fact, three and the synchronicities: 33,333 Shamanism talks about it, that when the numbers are repeated, it usually means some news from the spiritual world. So I only realised years later that My spiritual awakening was actually related

to this

magical three,

Because three means self-love.


is Christ consciousness, Salvator Mundi ready to love the other person



is to understand also the sacrifice in the Universe. That sometimes certain things need to be sacrificed and that there is this good and evil in everything.

I’m following along my path I am happy and actually OK with myself already.

Therefore, I am very comfortable in talking about my dreams. And indeed it is incredible that we as human beings can listen to our soul and what it can bring us from this astral world And these are the treasures. These treasures we have yet to discover for ourselves here. And this is how I see it,

K: as this project will be quite heavily concentrated on Polishness andSlavicness in the broadest sense. Do you think that somehow we in our cultural circle exemplify the more weight to words than our western neighbors at this point? K: I know in England it’s that nowadays they don`t pay any attention to dreams , we dont talk about the awakened ones, but your standart person does not pay attention to it.

To me, it seems that we as the Polish nation actually are indeed trying to build back from those concrete ruins that was left after the war. We were trying to reinvent ourselves as people in general and despite the fact that after the war the fluoride was introduced into water so that the pineal gland would not work as it should. You know what a lot of things are happening against humanity, and against spirituality.

Things happen and we are not able to understand. My grandmother and grandfather talked about these dreams, They may not have understood a hundred percent of what was going on, but they knew, That it is something special, that it is something important In a way. These meanings have always been there, because they were passed from generation to generation. My grandmother did not have a dream book at home, She was a Catholic, but she knew that if she had a dream of a child, it wasn`t good sign, Same with something like a black water, it is very bad sign.

This knowledge came from the teachings of whisperers and witches, this knowledge is being taught through generations whether we want it or not. And the biggest hit to our nation. The war, where I feel we as nation are actually still there, It is on the collapse of anxiety, and a life of love. I recently thought tha tif you did a ranking of hate, Poland would probably in the top five in the world, But also by not having this understanding and acceptance within us. This nation indeed needs a lot more love.

But this knowledge was here all the time. This knowledge of these dreams was there all the time and it was important to them, just as it was to my grandmother, who was walking to the Church every week and lived a very normal life. The dreams were what we were talking about, What I told my mother, my grandmother. That I dreamed this and that. It may not have been as explainable to them as it is today

But it has always been there.

K: well, yes, with us you always start the day with a question “what you dreamed today?”, and if you are in a new place, you should remember the dream. Or, do you know what I dreamed? why exactly this?

This is the kind of wow moment. what did I dream? Why did I dream it? We ask ourselves these questions, and also as humans asking all this to ourselves.

This is the tarot hermit stage,

Where you always set out on a journey to get that answer and that answer will also come from you. This is the ultimate truth, in fact

K: you speak about Poland, right after the war. but if you look at the artists of pre-war Romanticism Young Poland time … They were just reaching for psychedelics and everything all the time… all this time, of course, it all oscillated around the topic of dreams and dreaming. We also have a wonderful rosebush cane straw-wrap dance (chochoł),the hypnotic dream the mind controlling dream.

Do you know how much was hidden from us as humanity, that we are not even talking only about the Polish nation anymore, but in the world where psychedelic mushrooms have been used as far back as ancientEgypt, in Mexico, etc. In fact, Slavic culture greatly revered Amanita Muscaria and it’s actually a psychodelic that is very responsible for the astral world, for dreams, because after toadstool you are not able to have hallucinations like after regular mushrooms you just come with an intention,

You ask the question, and the answers come in a dream after Amanita. And there are hidden symbols here, too: a red hat and white dots. And these were on postcards. Bishops have red robes and so on. It’s Santa Claus and it’s been out there somewhere all the time. It was all the time. There are icons in the Czech Republic that depict Jesus Christ, who has a toadstool on his hand. The world of dreams has always been very important, because it is also a connection to your soul. Sometimes dreams just call us to wakeup, sometimes dreams want to warn us. And I believe that spiritually awakened people have completely different dreams. Sometimes, I also believe that there are periods of time where dream scan be totally insane and surreal. We may not know why it happens or we cant understand it, but there are very difficult energies and planetary squares where the energy is cumulative and the dreams can be totally crazy. But that’s the effect of energies that don’t necessarily serve us every day. sometimes we are in a super mood, sometimes not, etc. But there will always be a moment like that, where something just hits us like that. And this message will be so expressive, it will be so essential that we will just remember every detail of that dream, some dreams we don’t remember.

We are only reminded later, but e.g.

In the the last one I had, my cousin fainted, vomited in the ambulance and so on. I do not have a strong contact with him. We had our own family problems, but notwithstanding I don’t have such a strong connection with him, I dreamt of his mother, who sat in exactly the same place as always sits my mother. My mother has such a place in the window, is sitting and thinking in the window, and that’s exactly how my aunt was sitting.

And so I enter the room.

And I ask myself, is it already known what happened to Rafal? And she says so: not yet.

And it was on the exact same day that I heard about the accident. Despite the fact that I have no contact with them, I understood how my aunt was experiencing it strongly.

K: It’s amazing how sometimes these things come to us in dreams. In fact, that’s it.

K: Alternatively, maybe.

Now… you lived in London?


K: Did you notice, for example, that at some point in exile your dreams were different have they changed?  We’re not talking about transmissions now, but in general.

You know what

Not really.

But also I had a period in my life. That was strongly Shamanic I had such a year of such a really strong one Shamanism, where I experienced venom from the frog, cambo, ayahuasca, cacti, etc. And I had a very turbulent love in London, which was such one of the most important loves in my life. It was such a strong feeling thatI couldn’t understand it fully. Of course, it happened as happened, but this person was very important to me, and when I experienced the first initial venom from the Cambo frog, this person came to me in a dream to me, and that’s how I understood that this is the end, But also sort of the whole stage in London in general. In London it was great, a lot of success and so on. But I also realised that this world has ended for me. It was so, it was very strong, let’s agree on that. psychedelics activate our pineal gland, and these astral journeys are much stronger.

That’s why I just started with this conscious breath, because we don’t have to use psychedelics at all to have dreams. Simply put, our lungs produce DMT and It’s not really the case that DMT is only there when we die. DMT is also produced by human lungs. Thanks, we don’t really think that way. And of course, we don’t use fluoride.

K: and a few other things as well… Some last words, words of grace.

Words of grace Dear Wishes.

I wish you the truth in fact. I wish you to live in the truth.

I wish you to be aware of the following of your life, so that you are happy and strive for this, this truth within you, Because it’s like different information of this world hits us and so on. But remember, you always have to be able to keep it moderate and just be yourself

And that these dreams of yours will lead you towards it towards truth and happiness.


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