Karolina Skorek - exhibition at Tichauer Art Gallery. - Karolina Skorek

Karolina Skorek – exhibition at Tichauer Art Gallery.

This exhibition represents a significant exploration into the intersection of Baroque and modern art, where dreams, surrealism, and magic converge to create a mesmerizing visual experience.

The theme of my exhibition is deeply rooted in the concept of “psycho-realism,” a term that refers to an artistic style where psychological depth is intertwined with hyperrealistic expression. This approach is particularly evident in my work, where I strive to capture the surreal and dreamlike quality of our subconscious experiences. My art is an invitation to viewers to journey into a world where reality and dreams coalesce, creating a space for introspection and wonder.

One of the highlights of this exhibition was its showcase alongside the works of Wojciech Siudmak. Siudmak, known for his mastery in the realm of fantastic realism, provided a complementary yet distinct backdrop to my works. This juxtaposition of our artworks created a dynamic dialogue between the Baroque’s grandeur and the nuanced complexity of modern surrealism.

In my creations, I often draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of dreams – those fleeting, enigmatic experiences that dwell in the realm of our subconscious. Dreams are a wellspring of creativity, offering a boundless landscape where the impossible becomes tangible. Through my art, I aim to capture the essence of these dreamscapes, rendering them in a way that invites the viewer to question the boundaries between the real and the surreal.

This exhibition was not just a display of art; it was a journey into the depths of the human psyche. It was an exploration of the intricate dance between light and shadow, reality and illusion, and the conscious and subconscious realms. It was an homage to the power of dreams and their ability to transcend time, space, and logic.

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