ART 274 - Karolina Skorek
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ART 724 Transdisciplinary Practice

Art, in its most refined form, is the manifestation of human creativity and imagination, serving as a cultural and emotional blueprint of the times. Historically, the exploration of art was often constrained within the traditional disciplinary boundaries, inhibiting its full potential to represent the diverse and intricate dimensions of human experience. However, in the face of rapidly changing societal norms and technological advancements, the field of art has evolved, creating a paradigm shift towards a more comprehensive, transdisciplinary approach.


The transdisciplinary approach in art transcends conventional disciplines, fostering a fusion of diverse perspectives, methodologies, and knowledge spheres to create a holistic narrative. This approach moves beyond mere interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary cooperation; it encourages the blurring and overlapping of boundaries, inviting an inclusive dialogue between art and other fields such as science, technology, sociology, and philosophy.

Transdisciplinarity implies a research and creative strategy that not only permeates many disciplinary boundaries but also redefines these boundaries, creating a dynamic and symbiotic relationship between different fields. This expansive perspective encourages a richer understanding of the artistic process and the artwork itself, inextricably linking it with wider societal, cultural, and technological contexts.

In this module, I delved into the exciting realm of transdisciplinary art. 
Exploring and collaborating with fascinating researchers, we gained important insight into the subject of hair symbolism, female power and disempowerment, impact, and the potential it holds for art.


Digital Art, Costume Making, Prop and Backdrop Making. 

Collaboration with Dagmara Giej 



Karolina Skorek X Mid Journey experiment. 

Project Summary

In response to a poignant query (‘Why the strong emphasis on hair in your art?’), a collaborative ethnographic journey was embarked upon with philosopher and curator, Mrs. Dagmara Giej. The research, which transcended the typical artistic scope, fused historical documents, art, folklore, and ancient texts to decipher the symbolic nuances of hair, a journey that spanned from Europe to Slavic cultures. This exploration revealed hair’s profound significance across diverse global societies, where it consistently delineates personal identity, social status, gender, religion, and cultural heritage. Further, the intersectionality of hair emerged as an emblem of personal identity, power dynamics, and cultural heritage.

A transformation in the artistic approach and conceptualisation ensued, marked by the integration of these insights within the artistic realm. Consequently, the artwork mirrored the multifaceted symbolism of hair, incorporating elements of femininity, heritage, power, and resistance. This exploration, an exemplar of the transdisciplinary approach in art, is demonstrative of the integration of various knowledge domains within creativity. The artwork, thus, emerged as an intersection where the personal, societal, historical, aesthetic, and symbolic converge, creating a dynamic tapestry of human experiences. This journey reaffirms that artistic creation is not merely confined to personal experience or aesthetic predilection, but constitutes a dynamic dialogue that transcends the world, embodying diverse perspectives, narratives, and disciplines.

behind the scenes of the images: