7 senses project - Tychy- Helisa Foundation - Karolina Skorek
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7 senses project – Tychy- Helisa Foundation

The 7 Senses project has been maturing since the beginning of the year, and its magnetism attracted more creators. The first edition of the project took place in the Window for Culture organized by the Municipal Cultural Center in Tychy,

and then during the Night of Museums 2021 in Warsaw, in cooperation with the studio Born To Create Jaga Hupało. The next exhibition is planned for July, at the extraordinary Museum of Magic Realism in Wisła, and the project’s finale and presentation in all its glory will take place in August and will begin with a vernissage at the Tichauer Art Gallery in Tychy

A magical, metaphysical, immersive show of contemporary art and new artistic media. Painting, drawing, sculpture, animations and 3D mapping, enriched with performing arts, mysterious and timeless symbolism, the play of light, smell and movement…

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