Blue Sky Research - Polish Baroque Inspiration - Karolina Skorek
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Blue Sky Research – Polish Baroque Inspiration

A Collaborative Exploration of Polish Baroque Coffin Portraits by Karolina Skorek and Polish Baroque Specialist’s- a BleSky Collaboration Idea

Project Overview: “Unveiling the Past” is a collaborative exploration of Polish Baroque coffin portraits by renowned contemporary artist Karolina Skorek and a leading Polish Baroque specialist. This unique interdisciplinary project aims to delve into the rich history and cultural significance of these enigmatic and largely overlooked works of art. The collaboration will uncover the stories behind these portraits, explore their artistic and historical contexts, and bring a fresh perspective to the understanding of Polish Baroque art.


  1. To investigate the historical and artistic context of Polish Baroque coffin portraits.
  2. To create a series of new works inspired by the aesthetic and thematic elements of the coffin portraits, blending Karolina Skorek’s artistic style with the Baroque tradition.
  3. To raise awareness about the importance of coffin portraits in Polish art history and their impact on contemporary art.
  4. To foster a dialogue between traditional and contemporary artistic practices, using the unique lens of coffin portraits.

Key Components:

  1. Research & Analysis:
    The project will begin with an in-depth research phase, where Karolina Skorek and the Polish Baroque specialist will study existing coffin portraits, gather historical data, and analyze the artistic techniques used in their creation. This research will serve as the foundation for the next stages of the project.

  2. Artistic Collaboration: Drawing on their findings, Karolina Skorek and the Polish Baroque specialist will collaborate on a series of new works, combining Skorek’s contemporary vision with the historical and artistic elements of the coffin portraits. These works will demonstrate a unique fusion of past and present artistic practices and will serve as a tribute to the enduring influence of Polish Baroque art.

  3. Exhibition & Public Engagement:
    The project will culminate in a public exhibition showcasing the collaborative works, as well as selected original coffin portraits. Accompanying the exhibition, a series of educational events such as lectures, panel discussions, and workshops will be organized to engage the public and promote a deeper understanding of the artistic, historical, and cultural significance of the coffin portraits.

  4. Publication:
    A comprehensive publication will be produced to document the project, featuring high-quality images of the collaborative works, original coffin portraits, and essays by the artists and the Polish Baroque specialist. The publication will serve as a lasting record of the collaboration and a valuable resource for future research on the subject.

The proposed timeline for the project is as follows:

  • 6 months: Research and analysis
  • 6 months: Artistic collaboration and creation of new works
  • 3 months: Exhibition planning and organisation
  • 1 month: Exhibition and public engagement events
  • 2 months: Publication preparation and production

Through this collaboration, we  will bring the haunting beauty of Polish Baroque coffin portraits to life, offering a fresh perspective on a lesser-known chapter of art history, so unique to Poland, and fostering a dialogue between past and present artistic practices.

Coffin Portrait of Anna Mielecka
MidJourney render of a polish coffin portrait
MidJourney render of a polish coffin portrait
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