Deconstrucing Female Form- conversation with Dagmara Giej Rusnak - Karolina Skorek
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Deconstrucing Female Form- conversation with Dagmara Giej Rusnak

This mind map represents the collaboration between Karolina Skorek and Dagmara Giej-Rusnak on the project “Deconstructing Female Form”
The project focuses on challenging traditional representations of women in art and philosophy, using photography, installations, and mixed media to create a unique exhibition experience. The mind map outlines the various components of the collaboration, such as the historical context, methodology, themes, and exhibition elements, as well as the potential impact and future collaborations that could arise from this project. By combining their respective expertise in art and philosophy, Karolina Skorek and Dagmara Giej Rusnak aim to spark conversations and promote a more inclusive and diverse understanding of the female form.

I. Introduction

A. Background of Karolina Skorek

1. Multidisciplinary Artist 2. Photographer

B. Background of Dagmara Giej Rusnak

1. Curator 2. Philosopher 3. Artist

II. Historical Context

A. Representation of Women in Art
B. Feminist Art Movement
C. Philosophical Theories on Gender and Identity

III. Deconstruction Approach

A. Derrida’s Deconstruction Theory
B. Challenging Traditional Female Depictions
C. Analysing Power Structures and Stereotypes

IV. Artistic Methodology

A. Karolina Skorek’s Photography Techniques
B. Collaborative Curatorial Choices
C. Reimagining Female Form

V. Themes and Concepts

A. Body Autonomy
B. Intersectionality
C. Empowerment and Agency
D. Challenging Beauty Standards

VI. Exhibition Components

A. Artworks
1. Photographs
2. Installations
3. Mixed Media
B. Curatorial Texts and Philosophical Discussions
C. Audience Engagement
1. Guided Tours
2. Workshops
3. Artist and Curator Talks

VII. Impact and Future Collaborations

A. Public Response
B. Expanding the Conversation
C. Further Deconstruction in Art and Philosophy

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