The Surreal Journey - Deconstructing the Female Form - Karolina Skorek
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The Surreal Journey – Deconstructing the Female Form

I wanted to comeback to my Dreamscapes scenes. So I created a striking and enigmatic desert scene, where the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred. The use of composition, lighting, and visual elements create a dreamscape that encourages the viewer to explore the deeper meaning behind the image.

the tower that transforms into a hand holding a female head. This unusual structure is placed in the middle of the frame, drawing the viewer’s eye towards it. The vast expanse of the desert and the ship in the distance are juxtaposed against the tower, creating a sense of disorientation and wonder.

I used soft, natural lighting that casts long shadows across the desert landscape. The warm tones of the sunlight evoke a feeling of timelessness, while the contrasts between light and shadow add depth and dimension to the scene. The soft glow on the female head held by the hand suggests a sense of importance and intrigue.

Visual Elements and Symbolism:

The surreal elements in the photograph invite the viewer to question the nature of reality and the power of the subconscious mind. The tower that transforms into a hand grasping a female head is a striking and enigmatic symbol, perhaps representing the idea of control, the passage of time, or the power of the human mind. The female head may symbolise beauty, wisdom, or vulnerability.

The desert setting, with its vast, barren landscape, evokes a sense of isolation and introspection. This feeling is further amplified by the presence of the ship and lighthouse in the distance, both of which seem out of place in the desert environment. These incongruous elements may represent the journey of self-discovery, the pursuit of knowledge, or the search for guidance in a confusing world.

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