"Better Together" Browar Obywatelski Tychy and the Tyskie Foundation for the Promotion of Culture and Tourism - Karolina Skorek
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“Better Together” Browar Obywatelski Tychy and the Tyskie Foundation for the Promotion of Culture and Tourism

The Tichauer Art Gallery, operated by the Foundation since 2020, hosts a wide range of creative, cultural, and tourism-promoting activities, including music concerts, art exhibitions, and meetings with creators. The gallery offers over 2,000 square meters for contemporary art in various forms, including painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, fashion, and multimedia, and serves as a venue for both permanent and temporary exhibitions, vernissages, and conferences.

Furthermore, the gallery’s launch in Browar Obywatelski in Tychy was an important event in the field of art, marking the creation of a comprehensive center for contemporary art in the historic part of the Browar Obywatelski complex.

“Better Together” was organised with Ministerstwo Kultury i Sztuki ( @kultura_gov_pl ) and Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway Grants ( @eeanorwaygrants)

A Reflection on the “Better Together” Panel: Empowering Female Entrepreneurship

I recently had the privilege of joining the “Better Together” discussions at the Tichauer Art Gallery, an event graciously hosted by Browar Obywatelski Tychy and the Tyskie Foundation for the Promotion of Culture and Tourism. As a panelist, I engaged in conversations that are particularly close to my heart as a female artist navigating the complexities of the business world.

Our panel explored the critical question: “Female Entrepreneurship – Is the business environment welcoming to women?” This topic is not just academic for me; it’s a lived reality. The unique challenges that women face in the business realm, especially in creative industries, are often overlooked and under-discussed. 

The conversations touched on the diverse and unique experiences of women in various business sectors. This would include sharing personal stories of success and challenges, discussing how gender impacts entrepreneurial journeys, and exploring the different strategies women employ to navigate and thrive in predominantly male-dominated business environments.

Uncovering Latent Challenges and Biases: A key focus of such discussions is often the identification of subtle, systemic challenges and biases that women face. This includes addressing issues like unequal access to funding and resources, gender pay gaps, lack of representation in leadership roles, and the prevalence of gender stereotypes that can hinder women’s progress in business.

Highlighting the Need for More Inclusive Environments: The dialogues emphasised the importance of creating a more inclusive and supportive business environment. This includes advocating for policies and practices that promote gender equality, such as flexible work arrangements, mentorship programs for women, and initiatives to support women-owned businesses.

Special Focus on Artistic Fields: In the context of the arts, these discussions might have explored the unique challenges faced by female artists and entrepreneurs in the creative industry. This could include topics like the underrepresentation of women in art exhibitions and galleries, the struggle for artistic recognition, and the need for networks and platforms that specifically support and promote female artists.

Actionable Steps and Solutions: An integral part of such discussions is often the proposal of actionable steps to foster a more equitable environment. This could involve suggesting policy changes, encouraging more research into the challenges faced by women in business, and promoting the development of support networks for female entrepreneurs.

These dialogues are crucial for driving change and creating a more equitable and supportive environment for women in business and the arts. They help bring attention to issues that are often overlooked and encourage collective efforts to address these challenges.

The dialogues we had were not only enlightening but also deeply inspiring. We delved into the multifaceted experiences of women in business, uncovering the latent challenges and biases that persist. These conversations highlighted the need for a more inclusive and supportive business environment for women, especially in artistic fields.

The key takeaway from our discussions was the urgent need for actionable steps toward creating a more equitable business landscape. It’s imperative that we work towards an environment where women’s contributions in art and business are not only welcomed but also valued and encouraged.

I am eagerly looking forward to further discussions and collaborations that stem from this event. The “Better Together” panel was a promising start towards addressing and ameliorating the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs, especially in the arts.

As we continue to advocate for change, it’s important to remember that the journey towards equality in business, like all great endeavors, requires persistence, collaboration, and an unwavering belief in the value of diverse voices and perspectives.

Huge Huge thanks to @tichauerartgallery and to and my fellow panelists

Oksana Bargriy @ksenia_moores, Joanna Polonius @joannapolonius , from: @tyskie_szpilki Agnieszka Kijas @dawnotemuwsztuce, Kamila Tuszyńska @wernisazeria and of course our moderator Dagmara Giej Rusnak @dagagiej@dagmaragiejrusnak

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