Krzysztof and Michał Powałka - Exhibition Psychorealizm - Karolina Skorek
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Krzysztof and Michał Powałka – Exhibition Psychorealizm

Krzysztof and Michał Powałka are two contemporary Polish artists, each with a distinct artistic style and approach.

Krzysztof Powałka, born in 1985, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice under Professor Zbigniew Blukacz. His work combines the creation and interpretation of reality, using mediums such as oil painting, ink, and drawing arts. Krzysztof’s art delves into the reality of the world we live in, often highlighting its brutal and hideous aspects, yet finding beauty and color within them. His paintings are known to bring to light the darker side of the world, encouraging confrontation and thoughtful conclusions that might contribute to change.

Michał Powałka, on the other hand, has currently dedicated himself to oil painting, creating compositions that straddle the line between realism and surrealism. His works are heavily influenced by illustration and graphic design, particularly in developing the concept of a painting. Placing the human figure at the center of his artistic considerations, Michał explores human anatomy, the inner self, and exquisitely presented deformations to delve into the psychological truths of human nature.

In their artistic journey, both Krzysztof and Michał have expressed their fascination with the human condition and the different ways it can be represented through art. Krzysztof’s approach seems to be about understanding and confronting issues head-on, using art as a medium to reflect and possibly alter perceptions of reality. Michał’s work, with its surrealistic and symbolic elements, invites viewers into a world of exploration of the human psyche and its complex nature.

Their art offers a blend of the real and the surreal, the beautiful and the brutal, providing a multifaceted view of human life and its various aspects. Each brother, in his unique way, contributes to the rich tapestry of contemporary art, inviting viewers to reflect, understand, and possibly change their perceptions of the world around them.

For more detailed information and to view their works, you can visit their respective websites: Krzysztof Powałka’s website at Krzysztof Powałka Paintings and Powalka Gallery’s bio section at PowalkaGallery.

Psychorealism is an artistic movement that combines elements of psychology with the techniques and aesthetics of realism. This approach in art seeks to explore and depict the complexities of the human psyche, often through highly detailed and realistic imagery. The goal is to create a visual representation of psychological states, emotions, and experiences, often tapping into the subconscious mind.

Artists who embrace psychorealism often aim to evoke a deep emotional response from the viewer, encouraging a more profound understanding and empathy for the human experience. This style can be seen as a bridge between the outer world of observable reality and the inner world of personal experience and emotion. In this way, psychorealism serves as a powerful tool for artists to explore and comment on a range of topics, from mental health and personal identity to social and cultural issues.

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