Powder Kozłowska Dreams and Destiny: the Mystical Journey - Karolina Skorek

Powder Kozłowska Dreams and Destiny: the Mystical Journey

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Powder Kozłowska discusses their personal experiences and perspectives on dreams, their impact on creativity, and their cultural significance. They identify as non-binary and are a student at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, with interests in space, writing, and promoting space knowledge among young people.

Powder Kozłowska views dreams as a source of inspiration, often writing down their dreams to use in their book or as creative content. They speak about recurring dreams, particularly those involving themes of rescuing someone and the struggle between good and evil. These dreams are seen as motivational and reflective of their personal and family experiences, including dreams about deceased loved ones.

Additionally, Powder touches upon the cultural importance of dreams in Polish culture, where dreams have historically played a significant role in daily life and spiritual beliefs, such as contacting passed loved ones through dreams.

They also differentiate between dreams and visions, stating that while dreams are a source of inspiration, their main creative drive comes from visions and spontaneous thoughts, using dreams to fill gaps in their stories or as a creative complement.

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