Summer Edition: Art at the Villa - exhibition - Karolina Skorek

Summer Edition: Art at the Villa – exhibition

The recent Summer Solstice celebration at Villa di Geggiano transcended mere artistic display, evolving into a profound confluence of creativity and the metaphysical essence of time. My heartfelt appreciation goes to Ilona Pacia and Monica Colussi for their exemplary curatorial work, creating an event that seamlessly blended art and the ethereal qualities of the longest day of the year.

This exhibition, set against the backdrop of the Summer Solstice, presented a unique opportunity to contemplate the interconnectedness of art, nature, and the human experience. Each artwork, including my own, became part of a larger narrative – a tapestry that spoke of beauty, introspection, and the modern reinterpretation of myths.

My pieces, displayed among the works of other esteemed artists, delve into the exploration of light and shadow – themes emblematic of the solstice itself. The event was a visual symphony that echoed the dualistic nature of existence, offering attendees a glimpse into the surreal and the sublime.

The artworks remain available for viewing and acquisition, featuring contributions from talented artists such as

Davide ditaro, Gavin mitchell, Robert fry, Zoobs Ansari, Khera paul, Kat husk, Chateau c leon, and Tide artist.

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