Alternative memorioes Crux PHILOLOGORUM - Karolina Skorek
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Alternative memorioes Crux PHILOLOGORUM

I was wandering how to use the old family photos that I found so inspiring. 

I firstly tried projecting them onto distorted spaces, creating clusters of memories, after that I tried transfering them onto gauze and other sheer materials, I tried glass and wax to create this illusion of a memory trapped onto a surface and into water. 

That didn`t work and I stayed with this idea for a while. 
I decided to create collage like altered reality memories. 
For this one I used photos of my mother with me, my dad on his walk, the street we grew up on, as well as New York street I used to live close to and Silesian Mining shaft. I also drew on some of the “watchers” and flags to fit into the atmosphere I was creating. 

It created atmosphere of post-apocaliptic dystopia. Reminesent of Orwell theories.  It created a land where citizens have to obey the state, dont question anything, and are subjected to propaganda at every step they take. 

I enjoy creating false memories and alternative scenarios – memories in their core are subjective to the person remembering them, as every human remembers the same event slightly different, so pushing that into creating alternative narrative is fascinating. 

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