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Crux philologorum

The symbol usually used in the classical filology used to mark a space in the ancient texts that according to the publisher were  irreversibly distorted. 

It is also a mathematical symbol often used in quantum theory. It is used, to denote the operation of reversing the direction of the passage of time in the evolution of quantum particles.

I started to go back on the time line recovering the memories that became irreversibly distorted. But even if I recover them will they be what happened? Or will I just get lost in altered life? It all leads to almost alternative time line.

I knew who I was this morning but I’ve changed a few times since then

How do I show and capture the memories? How do I distinct them from dreams? Do I even have to? The projected memories and the “memories from the future” as as important for me as the ones that already happened. 

Long time ago a friend of mine introduced me to a technique where you can create your future memories by moving forward on the time line and seeing the events, you focus on something that you are witnessing, and notice all the details.Focus on not only what happens but what is around you and pick one detail, it can be a flower pot, a mug, a painting on a wall anything like that… and when you come back to present point on your timeline make sure to find that item you saw – this way you will make sure that event will happen for you. 

During the time we started to experiment with this technique we have discovered that if you create new memories the old ones start to fade away.  They change, shift and disolve… arent memories ment to do that anyway? They are made from the same dreamlike substance that as soon as you open your eyes startes to disolve like a morning mist.

What if by using the same technique 
I can save them from fading away? 
is that 
or will this create a dangerous paradox and everything will become irreversibly distorted?

Is this the risk worth taking?


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