Glowfish heart - the first steps into animating my art - Karolina Skorek
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Glowfish heart – the first steps into animating my art

The idea of animating my art is really inspiring. 
Before I dip my hands into animating it in After Effects or Procreate ( I am still researching this idea) I did it in the way I thought might work… as I used programs I already know- Photoshop and FinalCutPro X. 
I like the outcome – I would like the fish to be less stationary- and I believe thats where AE is going to be very important tool. I am already watching tutorials and trying to figure it all out.  

Firstly I planned all the shots in this series, sketched it out, thoutgh about the light set up and props/ makeup and hair. 
And after it was all preplanned I set it all up in my bedroom – photographed it agains a white seamless paper and dropped everything into Photoshop. 

My goal is that the final animation is subtle. You will have to look again and again at the photo to see if it actually moved or that your eyes are playing with your perception. 

In a way the final outcome of this animation – I like a lot, while asking people what they think about it – they become confused about the technique and the “how” and they respond very positive to it. 

There is still a lot to be done with it so I am happy (or will I ever be happy with my art? I dont think this is possible) with the outcome, but I know it can be improved. and that is the next step. 

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