I am afraid you have developed a soul - Karolina Skorek
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I am afraid you have developed a soul

Looking at what is happening in the World at the moment 

While coming back from London I was sat on the train, I played in my favourite story-telling game of “what ifs” 

It was a technique I was introduced to by Professor Neil Gaiman. It is simple but really effective. It all starts with a question. “What if?” 

As I was sitting down in a quiet train I looked around everyone and noticed 99% of them were on their phones. With no recollection of what is going on around them.  

So I started to wander what if… what if dreams were illegal and soul was treated like a disease and as something that you need to go to a doctor to help you with?

I created series of mind maps and sketches researching this idea. I might create more works around it… or maybe I will leave it to develop bit more so it has even more potential. 

So far I created the “info poster” with a cure for your soul. 

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