Memory of touch - and facing a FAILURE - Karolina Skorek
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Memory of touch – and facing a FAILURE

How to show the memory of a touch? 
The gentle stroke of fingers touching skin? 
The most obvious would be to photograph or draw  someone who would touch you. Holding hands, gentle strokes of fingers against the skin. 

I have started looking at other artists who explored that subject, but I coudn`t find any who would have a similar idea to what I was designing in the sketchbook. 

I wanted to show the delicate essence of the touch, and how we remember it. Depending on the touch.
This was ment to be shedded skin like. Where it is only a slight memory of the events passed.  

I decided to do a hands dipped in the wax, the wax was supposed to create an almost perfect cast of the hand. But still be delicate enough to create this eatheral feel that if we dare to touch it- it will be destroyed. 

I quickly abandoned the idea… I was not happy with the results, wax was to shapeless- with strange blobs of dripping wax everywhere. 

I tried doing it with a plaster mould but plaser was to pours and the wax just melted into the mould. 

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