Memory of Touch - building from failure - Karolina Skorek
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Memory of Touch – building from failure

I came back to this idea after over a month, and a lot of quite traumatic events that happened to my family. I found the repetitive motion of dipping my hand in hot wax is actually soothing in a way. 

I tried different methods of making them and I noticed that the ones that only had two dips worked best as I was still able to see the details on my hand and it gave that gentle, shell like effect I was looking for. 

It feels strange, but I was going for that – that feeling that we remember touch differently. As a neurodiverse person I can remember certain events and touch as if it happened seconds ago, or it is still happening… or I dont remember it at all – So the gentleness of the wax is showing this. 

The multiplication of the hands symbolises the sensory overload that I sometimes experience, and the inability to run away from it. 

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