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I was thinking for a long time, how I can implement the psychological perspective into my work.

To make it more impressionist or in a way abstract like, but still being true to my aesthetics and my perception of everything around me. 



Ive started with those three images. All three of those are females close to my heart. In a state of honesty and vulnerability. All three taken for them, as part of me creating the images to animate…

None of those images would make into my portfolio. Being not sharp, not lit the “right way” … not perfect. And all three are one of my favourite portraits from this year.  For being raw… for being not perfect – just like those women here. And in those “imperfections” being perfect, perfect as they are without any retouching or alternations. 


I pulled those up in photoshop – and blocked the “non important” – in my opinion parts. Drawing attention only to the details I thought were important.  

It is interesting… I never considered myself a poet yet in a strange way when I look at those they feel like a poetry to me. 

From there I had one more concept. What if I combine them? 

I started cutting away the images and stalked them together with some self portraits, portrait of my mother and other friends…. and the result… I dont know. It is something I have never done before. 



Are we all the same? Even when media tells us we need to be different? we need to be this or that? Do we just all feel the same emotions all the time? 

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