Time Dilation - crux philologorum - Karolina Skorek
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Time Dilation – crux philologorum

I started thinking how to show my true self. It was a question that was asked during “Thinking through lens” lecture. 
As in a way I focused the research on my family and the past – the subject I was working with was myself. 
I asked myself who am I and if I was going to show it with one self portrait how would that look like.  

Who am I and how to show this? 




I created a series of pieces where I am standing naked in front of the lens, but I am covered and safe. I played with the juxtaposition of the light as a device of exposing the subject, and I covered myself with it. 

In many religions and spiritual systems light is the source of good and healing. 


Why did I call it time dilation?

I am constantly fascinated by the relativity and quantum physics. 

the idea of time dilation and the fact that a – time flows slower when we accelerate… I find that fascinating. Also the fact that that it depends on the observer when certain events happen.    

I think I will let dr. Andrzej Dragan explain what Time Dilation is. 

I played with the colours in one of the images I liked the most. and decided to make it into this hypnotic like video with a sound of a ticking clock, that does slow down and speeds up. 

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