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ART 718 Summary what didn`t work

I was extra ambitious this semester, I took a lot of ideas in and wanted to learn a lot.

Few things did not worked out the way I was hoping they would.
Handmadebook with the dreamcards

I would start with book making.- this was an amazing idea, and I still feel it would add to the aesthetic feel and the storytelling. But at this point I am putting it onto a back burner, as I do not know how I would have to do this on my own, so maybe the commercially produced book might be better.


I have to say that 100% of the plates I did worked and printed beautifully… until I thought it will be a good idea to come back to a plate that was already etched with a dry needle technique. I wanted to save time, as covering the whole plate with the varnish, drawing the sketch back onto it and then putting it back to an acid bath seemed like a long process for only few more lines that were needed.

However the dry needle lines catch the ink in a strange way and it creates this strange “bleeding” of the ink effect. So this is how I ruined a plate.

Another thing that did not work was my drying the prints in my studio… I found out that autumn and winter in my attic is very humid, and unfortunately few prints that I did got mouldy, and had to be discarded.

Virtual Art

I got very excited about the idea of creating a totally immersive installation using VR googles….

I figured out that it is bit more tricky then what I initially hoped, even with using only google tilt brush programme it is almost impossible to export the art from my googles to a mac computer… But I am not giving up this idea just yet, maybe there is a way to create this kind of experience.

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