"LAS"/"FOREST” — an exhibition by Piotr Szewczyk - Karolina Skorek

“LAS”/”FOREST” — an exhibition by Piotr Szewczyk

LAS (FOREST) is an attempt to understand wood, or even the whole nature. On the one hand, looking at the properties of the material, recognising it in an intuitive way. On the other hand, it is the search for recipes organic to forms. And above all, it is an attempt to find a world of emotions hidden in all this.

LAS is an exhibition by Piotr Szewczyk, the beginning of which was a plank of black oak. It`s subsequent transformations built the most important elements of the sculptural installation. Installation supporting graphics, generated by the author in a controlled process. They are the result of searching for the properties of similar forms using algorithms.

LAS is an exhibition realized by Szewczyk based on previous cooperation with Krzysztof Czyżewski. In 2021, until the first artistic meeting of both causes. Together they worked on an exhibition for the Educational House of the Silesian Library as part of the project “Fields of view of books – bridges”. Piotr Szewczyk worked on the visual works and Krzysztof Czyżewski on the text. The parallel cooperation led to the creation of the first series of six graphics, the first elements of the sculpture and the first parts of the “Little Essay on the Board”.

The next stage of this journey is presented in the BWA gallery in Katowice. These are 42 ready-made graphics overwhelming with dark forms. It is also – equally dark in its expression – has already completed an art installation whose main character is black oak.

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