Reference Spaces by Mischa Kuball - Karolina Skorek

Reference Spaces by Mischa Kuball

Reference Spaces is an exhibition that presents the work of the German artist Mischa Kuball from the last three decades. In his works, Kuball focuses on the phenomenon of light, using spotlights, light balls, mirror foils or projectors to create complex light installations. The artist is also known for creating site-specific constructions that are often related to architecture and public space. In his works, Kuball also addresses the subject of the foundations of modernity and explores public spaces, questioning our perception of the environment.

Mischa Kuball’s Reference Spaces exhibition is taking place as part of the More Light! project, which aims to explore the phenomenon of light in everyday life and art. This project also gives the opportunity to present the most interesting and important phenomena in the field of the art of light, in particular artists who have developed their artistic language around light, or who willingly use light as a source of inspiration.

The exhibition Reference Spaces by Mischa Kuball will be available at the gallery in Katowice as part of the 31st Ars Cameralis Festival. The artist will also be present at the festival, where a lecture devoted to his work will be held.

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