TULUM art Walk - Karolina Skorek
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TULUM art Walk

My fellow artist said for my dream project – The art walk in Tulum is something I have to see as it transports the visitors to a journey of creation and magic. He wasnt wrong, I stepped into a gallery in the nature- filled  with surreal, magical and natural paintings and sculptures it is truly inspiring expirience. 

This is a permament art exhibition that HOLISTIKA TULUM in collaboration with Tulum Art Club  in co-creation with artists that are invited to share their magic and ideas in the middle of the jungle.

This loved the idea of art not only co-exisitng with nature, but also nature becomes part of the story that its being told. 

If you enter in it and go through, magic will happen…  This mural is dedicated to the relativity of time and the perception of it. Time in the jungle flows in a different way from time in the city, so breathe and be present.

OFRENDA DE LUZ INFINITA by Alegría del Prado

The night receives a new sun primordial energy for life, inspired by Mayan cosmo vision where birds were scared beings for their ability to ascend to heaven and carrying their song encrypted messages from the gods.

Alegria del Prado
Alegria del Prado
“Truly Human” by Noëmi Manser
“The Rise of Kukulcan” by Alfonso Garrido and Roberto Romo
“Mayan Head” by Celeste Byers and Aaron Glasson

The souls of the wise elders are vigilant and dwell underground, they are waiting for the “kuxan suum” , the chord that connects the worlds to reunite, the mayans, are looming and at the first signs their ancient powers will begin to return.

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ALUX by Martin Ferreyra
THE PORTAL by Curiot
LAK´ECH ALA KIIN (I AM YOU) by Celeste Byers and Aaron Glasson

A Mayan greeting which means i am you, you are me refers to our connection with everything and everyone in our universe from the plants and animals to the stars and magic around us.

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