Visiting Poland - Gallery Extravagance - ANNA BUJAK ŚWIAT BLASKU - Karolina Skorek
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Visiting Poland – Gallery Extravagance – ANNA BUJAK ŚWIAT BLASKU

The title of the exhibition was borrowed from the book by Margaret Cavendish (Le Monde Glorieux, 1666), one of the first feminist utopias to portray the “perfect non-place”. Utopia is assumed to be a place with no real space, where everything is good (and unreal). However, the successively “played” utopia has a tendency to arrange itself in the representation of less and less desirable content, revealing a second, disturbing face, contrary to the intentions of the “perfect world”.

The exhibition includes objects that were of special importance to the author. They were intended to tame fear, soothe with the simplicity of form, and through their sensual character become objects of visual pleasure. Put together, they became the source of new worlds, separate stories, built an incompatible image, dynamically transforming, ideologically blurred and very intense in the message.

“Like Margaret Cavendish, I suggest that I own my utopia, design a space where I feel empowered, and those who don’t like it can create a perfect world for themselves on their own terms.”

Exhibition Curator: Małgorzata Malinowska-Klimek

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