Why Etching? - Karolina Skorek

Why Etching?

I have always been drawn to the traditional mediums and techniques. The process of creating an etching, from the initial sketch, to transferring it on a metal plate, to the careful of acid bath to create the lines and textures, has a meditative and almost ritualistic quality that I find deeply satisfying.

I use etching technique to create my dream cards, as it has the ability to capture the intricate details and symbolism that I want to convey in my work. The process of etching allows me to create precise and delicate lines, which is perfect for the dreamlike, surreal quality that I want to achieve in my art. The tactile nature of etching also creates a sense of connection between the artist and the work, which is important to me as I believe that the energy and intention of the artist can be felt in the final piece.

In my work, I explore themes of the human psyche, the unconscious and the sense of belonging somewhere. I find that the precision and detail possible with etching allows me to create intricate and symbolic imagery that speaks to these themes in a powerful and evocative way

The dreamlike and surreal quality of etchings aligns perfectly with the feel I wanted those works to have, as they explore the subconscious mind and the role of dreams in shaping our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I try to capture the essence of a dream and to create a visual representation of it, using the symbolism and imagery that comes to me in the dream state. This allows me to explore the realm of the subconscious and to uncover deeper truths about the human experience.

I have always been fascinated by the power of symbols and their ability to convey deep meaning and emotion. In my work, I often draw on symbols from a variety of different time periods, including pre-Christian symbols and those from ancient cultures. I believe that these symbols can be especially powerful in my art as I believe they tap into universal themes and emotions that transcend time and place.

In addition to these historical symbols, I also incorporate elements of quantum physics into my work. I find that the mysterious and seemingly paradoxical nature of quantum physics aligns perfectly with the surreal and dreamlike qualities of my art. Through the use of symbols and concepts from it, I to create a sense of mystery and intrigue in my work, encouraging viewers to explore the deeper meanings and connections within the piece.



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