Quantum dreaming - Karolina Skorek
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Quantum dreaming

It is through dreams that we may be transported to worlds that defy the laws of physics and which obeys their own laws of time, space, motion and conscious reality, where the future is juxtaposed with the past and where time runs backwards and forwards (Campbell, 1988; Freud, 1900; Jung, 1945, 1964). Throughout history it has been believed that dreams open doors to alternate realities, to the future, to the past, and the hereafter, where the spiritual world sits at the boundaries of the physical; hence the tendency to bury the dead in a sleeping position even 100,000 years ago. Although but a dream, the dream was experienced during dream consciousness much as the waking world is experienced by waking consciousness. The dream was real. Thus, throughout history dreams have been taken seriously especially when they gave glimpses of the future.

Rhawn Gabriel Joseph in his article: Quantum Physics of the Sixth Dimension: Dream Time, Precognition, Many Worlds. concluded that Dream-consciousness and dream-time are associated with accelerated levels of brain activity. Relativity predicts that observers with an accelerated frame of reference experience time-contraction and a shrinking of time-space such that the future and the present come closer together relative to those with a different frame of reference. Not surprisingly, two dissociated conscious minds may experience slowing and speeding up simultaneously. However, space-time is also part of the quantum continuum; and this continuum extends into the future and the past, such that all are entangled. Based on a coupling of the Copenhagen with the Many Worlds interpretations, dream-consciousness can become entangled with the space-time continuum which includes the various futures as they flow toward an observer; futures that are also entangled and which will become modified to varying degrees before being perceived and then upon the act of registration. Thus, during dream consciousness, not just the most improbable, but also the most probable future world may be observed; a probable future which may or may not happen in this reality, in this world, but which will or has happened in another world as predicted by “Many Worlds.”

Dream-consciousness, and dream-time, because they are maintained by brain structures that, during sleep, are freed of inhibitory restraint, also have a sensitivity to the quantum continuum which differs from and is more wide-reaching than the mind during waking. Much of the human
brain is subject to inhibition, which prevents sensory overload and allows for the focusing of attention. Nevertheless, if we remove that inhibition, specific neurons and brain areas may increase their activity and begin processing information that the conscious mind would normally filter out.
Einstein proclaimed that the “distinctions between past, present and future are an illusion,” that time is embedded with space, creating a space-time manifold where numerous futures, pasts, presents overlap and exist simultaneously in parallel, all flowing in various directions relative to observers. The future, or rather, multiple futures exist, albeit in varying distant locations in space-time. All of the space-time, the quantum continuum, is entangled, and just as the ripples of a pond may strike distant shores, the space-time quantum states of the future may also affect distant shores occupied by what the mind experiences as the now.
If the 4th dimension is space-time, and if the future and the present and differences in time are related to accelerated frames of reference and movement through space, then within the quantum continuum, everything is connected: stars, planets, dogs, cats, past, present, and the future.
Be it the time traveller who accelerates toward light speed and then to superluminal velocities, such that the first travels to the future and then the past, the time machine of consciousness, freed of inhibitory restraint, may also accelerate toward light speed, lifting the veil and enabling the dreaming mind to see what had been concealed including what may occur in the future and what may have taken place thousands of years ago in the past.

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