The Conversation with: Joanna Ziemlewska  - Karolina Skorek
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The Conversation with: Joanna Ziemlewska 

Conversation with Joanna Ziemlewska –
dental prosthetist and a hedge witch.

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I am still in the process of formulating. How to define myself
because I think of myself
as primarily a woman. And a woman is not defined. And I find it very
difficult to define myself. Especially since  at a time when I can call myself a variable, but all the rest at a time.  When it is named, it very often ceases to exist. 

K: There’s something about that. 

K: Then maybe in such a theme of ours about which  K: today we are going to talk, you can, for example, say who you are what you do, not naming yourself, just what you do .

What I do… So professionally: dental technology, while some such offshoot of this  dental technology, that is, those manual activities that I  was attracted to, and of which my life is made up, this professional part of my life. Then I was drawn to ceramics, then I went into the earth. Whatever it sounds like, I wasnt burried..  And now I’m in such a suspended moment. I’m morphing i’m approaching fifty, so I don’t have
to pay attention to many things anymore. And I feel that this is total
freedom I was looking forward to it. Yes, this is how it looks from my side. Generally manual activities,
but all the time it’s such a fierce intellectual,
analytical, but also sentient From a child’s perspective. These are my domains. I don’t know if I won’t go in
the direction of the word. I don’t know yet how to catch it and how I will put it together for myself, but this is how it looks from my side.

K: Great.

K: Today we met to talk. Sometimes about
the word, and sometimes more about

K: the visual aspects of it, because we’re going to talk about dreaming.

K: And maybe we’ll start with what for youK: there are dreams and whether you attach meaning to them at all.

Guess what?

Ever since I can remember, since the early days of the of my memory, dreams
were a companion piece. In driving actually. I remember such a first one, The first childhood dream, which in fact later in retrospect time should be considered in
terms of ancestral memory. The dream was such a feeling that I was in a dugout. On the coldest stone floor, but it was my protection. That is, it was like I was in the grave. But it was not a grave, it was storage. And all around me were glows burning houses burning villages and knew there was danger outside. That is, I better be cold, it is safer. Earth is safer than to go outside. This was the first dream in my life that I remembered. But another dream I remember perfectly And for me, too, is such
a metaphorical message. It was a dream when I didn’t pass school, to some school, to some high school,  and it was a total shock to me, because I was an exemplary student,
so I met the reality, which does not necessarily saw me in the same way.

And I remember that it was a dream, That I was in my parents’ house at night and every household in the village was a fortress. And this was because all around it was playing Black Panther and everyone was panic-stricken by this black panther. And my thought was that this black panther must feel damn lonely. I began to sympathize with
the enemy, a potential enemy.

But I looked at it as a
black night that is safe.

And this black panther could
also feel safe in this darkness. I, from the perspective of a teenager
with no life experience, had this insight into this situation, because I became
friends with this Black Panther. And this motif, this metaphor precisely befriends my hypothetical or potential enemy. It accompanies me all the time. Because if I don’t will integrate what is thrown outside the village, home, that which is displaced, well
it will continue to pursue me.

And this is also part of my life experience.

That’s how it is in this dream. so dreams are so very important to me tips that don’t necessarily apply to exclusively my there considerations, condition, mood or fantasy.

But these are also such messages and it also depends,

I have a feeling that it depends on which categories we see them in, because the it’s like you get a message and you can say cool, and you can read the
deeper layers of that message.

K: Well there a few have tried in history, right, we have Jung and Freud.

K: Sometimes I feel that it is  so individual, it’s hard to say I don’t know how you will dream, from your own scope, that your teeth are falling out. I mean I don’t know, there will be something bad going on, K: it’s so to me has always been childish

quite a lot that it shallows certain layers to the of this symbol, which in fact is probably
not quite universal for everyone. Then there’s this perspective and I think she is marginalised in these dream analyses in general, because she It is difficult to treat it from the key.

The perspective that it is the recipient. They are a reader of the message.And for example, when I have some such important dreams, or such very puzzling, I’m the one telling this dream, whether to my husband or friends. And I ask about the recipient: how do you see? I turn to this question, with this description to people with whom I
correspond on any level. If I presented such a description to a person, Which is totally random or totally different. She is the one who could give me a completely different answer. In essence, dreams bring us to look for answers within ourselves,

Regardless of whether we have the
ability or desire to use the help of the of those close to us, companionship
or not, is still a dream

for me it is:

“look within yourself for the answers”.

K: so a little more Jungian after all K: He wrote there that you have to learn, after all, about the ego and going beyond it, and so on.

And this is a nice foundation.

K: Yes, you know
what he had there too K: very cool idea, with this kind
of universal meaning of dreams.

K: I’m just wondering to what extent this is translated, for example,
into different cultures, because he’s still so European quite a bit, though.

K: And I’m curious if, for example.

K: your black panther meant the same thing
to a person who lives normally with blacks

K: with panthers, somewhere in another country, Will it be completely
different at this point.

It’s cool that you brought this up, for the reason that I have
been for several years, Because I was born into
the Catholic religion, And I observe these influences in myself. I look at how it evolves,
what it does to me and What I, how and what kind of resource it is for me. I, for example.. I started a dozen years ago. This thought came to me look for common elements, but not in these modern beliefs and rather beliefs, only in old
myths, messages of old cultures. Because I think to myself, if
architecturally, everywhere in the world similar elements appear, it is likely. It may be, exactly the same, or similar with the perception of reality. And when I analysed for myself the mythology of, for example.

Slavic or thereabouts Mayan, or from Hawaii, it turns out. some of these messages contain elements common to each of these cultures.

K: Yes, exactly.

On the one hand, it’s fantastic that we differ, because we are indisputably different. We have completely different fingerprints, if only on the other hand, we are connected by similar laws, because dreams also tell in the my perception of certain
universal laws that flow out, attention in essence, from
contact with the Mother nature.

That is, from this core, from which we were created,

which feeds us, nourishes us, in which we live and
to which we will return.

I also find it very reassuring.

The earth will accept me.

Regardless of what I do.

She is gracious, “I will accept”

After all, this is an act of grace. I won’t be trampled somewhere
along the road, just I will be powering something.

K: You know what apropos of travel,
for example, because that is also.

K: Here a few aspects, you
moved, it came to mind what? Because I also place
a very high value on dreams and it seems to me that it
is in general family in my place, that a lot, we also tell each other a lot about dreams and for example even something interesting, because my Dad does, because although he doesn’t often remember his dreams.

K: At a time when, I travel a lot I get these very real dreams, but at the point where it’s that moment where
you’re already seemingly K: awakened, but not yet, I don’t
have the faintest idea where I am. K: It’s on the principle that you wake up

K: in bed, you know you’re in bed and you have to go back to your body, go
back into this particular one place on the map, on this pin,
to go, for example, go to get out, because I don’t know where I have toilet. And even that happens later, after I go back to home that for the
next month I have so that actually, when I wake
up, I don’t know where I am.

And it’s cool that you put it
in terms of travel, because. We were embedded in a certain reality, as if so habitually through
time, for example. This is just like, for example you change the country, and the orientation is completely different, that
is, for example, the glasses are here, toothbrush, here. We
already have one ourselves. Entering sleep is cool because it You find yourself in a reality that
you know absolutely nothing about. From a thinking person’s perspective. But basically you are totally clued up. I have very often, for example. Such dreams, from which I know
that I was already here, or

That I still need to explore the
subject of buildings, architecture.

K: Oh this is a very interesting topic

The subject of architectural
dreams for very many years.

And I have this observation that
the moment my reality does not until the end was so constituted,
I very often dreamed of buildings,

Which were absurd in terms of architecture, that is, for
example, I was going in on the stairs, but on the handrail,
I wrote down to myself, just What kind of crazy person came up with
this. This is what my dream looked like. And perhaps that was also
my reality at the time.

In retrospect, when I have this recorded, I can see that in
relation to what I lived in, this The dream showed the absurdities
I was indulging in. Once. And also, for me it is also very
important to write down dreams, however.

K: I never. Maybe not, never. K: I draw them out more
than I write them down. K: It is much easier to
do with pictures, but. K: But that’s the way it is. K: It’s quite helpful if
you want to work with it.

K: Actually. I, for example,
sometimes have so to this, that I dream about
my old house in Poland, K: old apartment, but for example, I enter

a room, it is already
completely different place and it’s already a completely
different place on the map.

K: And I’m well aware that I’m going
into a house in Katowice, for example. K: And I go out to the court in Wroclaw.

K: And also on the street. Walking down the street, I suddenly

find myself in the residential
area where my grandmother lives.

K: And it’s not Wroclaw, K: so these time jumps with the whole thing, because I don’t know about you, but for example.

K: I have terribly realistic dreams.

K: Even the most strange and surreal, they
are on all levels very realistic.

K: that here you have all the involvement

K: of all senses, so that you don’t even
know, I don’t know what I’m wearing. K: What kind of fabric am I wearing, for example, do you feel it, and have you
had something like that in your dreams?

I remember my first such childhood dreams. There was something like this you know, when you stop being a child and
start being a teenager, that’s when it is. You enter a group and when you enter
a group, you need to take a position. At this point, such a theme
emerged to take its position.

In connection with this, in my dreams there were such motifs that
I was fighting with someone.

I’m fighting with such a woman
in some kind of mottled robe. I’m the one who knows it’s a woman

And at some point this woman
begins to overcome me.

And I think to myself: oh
not in my dream beat me?

And I won.

I have had several times
in dreams just like this. No, that’s not the scenario.

K: As you approach, when you do, you may not know no, but there
is no agreement inside you for that.

K: That’s not going to happen.

Well, and this agreement, because see it.

Dreaming is basically a kind of traveling through subtle spaces.

Yes, I’ll call it that. Whether we verbalize them or draw
them, they are still images. It is known that one picture
is worth a thousand words.

And how I read the message is important. Pretty much how much will
I take from this message? That’s why I have this
feeling that it’s important,

To give yourself the opportunity to look
at this message again, for example.


K: Oh, yes, that’s  cool too actually, memorably
at this point, because.

K: Because you go back to some things
that happened a hundred years ago.

But you know, let me tell you that the
diary is also my therapist for me. I never needed a therapist in sense of guiding me, because if we have insight, we give ourselves insight in general, the opportunity to put on paper the content that is
vital to us at this moment. Later we can take a look
at it for ourselves. It is as if we are standing up to our own adulthood, because we relate to ourselves
as if we were an important person. In our case, she wrote
a letter, for example. Perspectives vary, But the mere registration of the message, no matter whether he is sleepy


not sleepy.

But the message is still about these aspects emotional, those that move us vitally. At this point, they may or may not have happened. But they moved us, so we wrote them down,
we don’t write down irrelevant things.

We write down the ones we will want to return to. That is, what I feel, what I saw, what
I experienced, it records after the to give it value and the
possibility to return to the same.  
It’s like getting a gift. I just take out candy,
and in a moment more I reach deeper, as if it were
such a multi-layered gift.

K: Well, I’m curious.

K: that’s what came to my mind now.

K: We’re also going to jump
around the topics a bit like this

K: this may be one theme, but first of
all, dreams themselves are like that.

K: Well, and this is a very complex topic.

K: And so it occurred to me some more

K: then where did you start that you
weren’t able to define yourself?

K: As, by the way, are women for the most part.

K: And do you think that as women we pay a big, bigger attention to dreams?

K: You know what more as female energy, because its not necessarily “women” because you have to have boobs and uteruses.

you know what For me, it’s more a question of how much Who has this female element,
but at a conscious level. My husband has a lot of
those feminine aspects in The sense that he feels a lot of
things, he registers a lot of things his dreams, they’re fascinating, so he’s
sort of in a state of mind on these subtle registers move, perhaps
even far more freely than I do, may not have to verbalize it in
such a way, but these stories Dreams that happen to him, well, let
me tell you, it is impressive, so

I don’t know if there is any, if it
can be put in terms of gender at all.

K: That’s what I was wondering, because you know how you had
ancient Greece, for example K: well that’s where the
oracles or dreamers were women. K: So yes, that’s how it came to be, is it

K: would it make any difference now.

For me, the moment women walk
around in pants, doing peasants. Well, and the lack of access
to the land of women once menstruated together, women used
to talk to each other together. Women once didn’t need any therapies, because they were clustered, they always interacted.

And in today’s reality after
all these such sociological turmoil I will not name. Women are re-establishing communication
with each other.
It’s true.

If they merge with each other, they will
have access to each other’s competencies, Because they exchange and
it used to be very natural. This is probably even at the level of consciousness.

K: Generally its not only human, because there was supposedly an experiment
that somewhere on the K: some island, there a thousand monkeys were taught something and then all the monkeys in the K: The worlds already knew how to do that,
having no contact with the monkeys there..

The hundredth monkey effect is. And I’ll tell you. From my observations, it is that if I. And it’s not, you know, any
such special skill either. I see it that way, because not special. I believe that everyone
has and so or can have. If I made it up to myself one day, gee, will not analyze all these books, it would
be useful to have someone to do it for me. Because it is important, because it is
about the roots from which we grow. And let me tell you, such
a person has appeared. Then I thought to myself. It would be useful to continue
running with the wolves. Who would write it and a woman appears who treats just that. In fact, dreams. Yesterday, literally yesterday.

This perspective and is, because
if we feel, we will see a point. To which we do not know how
to get to, because this point may turn out to be quite close
under your nose within easy reach. But it’s about perceived perspective,
not just emotional analysis. How do we use this tool. 

K: But it’s also a little
bit quantum, because it too K: we are not talking about flowers of this kind, new age just quantum theory, because after all K: there is also such, there is no, there
is no something that happens in this K: The very moment, because it depends on the observer and the perspective changes then, too,

That’s exactly what the Mayans say about
it, we are not fabric and weaver either. I have that feeling too, but do you know
where you want to position yourself? A great deal depends on whether you take

responsibility for the
reality that surrounds you. Because when you stand stiff-necked and
say: it wasn’t me who did this poop. Well, I’m very sorry for you.

K: That’s exactly what you have to do.

K: You have to be responsible
for what you want, though. K: Well, no, well, if I always laugh that

K: you know that what you want, you
don’t quite know, it might come to you, but it won’t look the
way you thought it would.

And it’s still not always what
we want is what serves us. It is one thing or the other. If what we want, we fixate
that it should be done so and so.

I know several such women. The husband is supposed to
be such, such and such. In the end, none is found. And along the way, she failed to see a
completely better version of what she has made and when, for example, we
have this kind of head hypertrophy.

I have this feeling when
we over-analyze, overthink

We are concerned with the way, with the implementation, and we are
focused solely on this, this we fail to see the range of opportunities
that are right here in the corner.

K: Tell me, did your family
have, give importance to dreams?

Guess what? My grandmother was the kind of woman who very connected to the land and a woman who combined different threads.

Generally parents, you know, including post-war life were rather
focused on survival and all such subtle aspects were
not in their area of interest.

This was the reality.

Grandmother, on the other hand, in Podlasie it would probably be called a
whisperer or something like that.

But grandma. it was also a grandmother
to me in general.

It was sacredness.

Grandma was such a domestic goddess
who passed on her experience.

She accompanied, guided and pointed. And grandma never judged.

Grandma never said this
way or that way you are. Such or such you are, grandma said. I, if I were you, would do both. Or she was saying I don’t
know what you should do.

She officially admitted
that she did not know, But do it in such a way that it’s
good for you and doesn’t hurt anyone.

And these were such messages. These were the kind of messages
that came from such deep knowledge.

Anyway, regarding dreams I don’t really know and
those grandmotherly messages, whether she was telling me was
a dream or the reality of my grandfather. She recounted the
incident and her parents, for example. My mother laughed it off, she said,
saying that, what’s Grandma’s story. And for me it was fascinating, because she She introduced me to a dreamlike
world full of the uncanny. Because Grandpa was supposedly
going to the forest to get a tree. And baking chickens, the horses
began to be very, very nervous. They stopped at all and
refused to move on.

It turned out that a white
dog sat on the cart, a huge dog that was so heavy that
the horses could not move at all. And there is the question
of where the dog came from? What kind of dog was it?
And that kind of story.

Grandpa, of course. He almost pooped under himself and turned
back as soon as this dog desisted. But now. Let’s take a gander at
what the story was anyway?

Whether she was true or false,

Whether it was his dream
or some hallucination. And now I have the feeling that we
actually many worlds do not register. Our perception is crippled, especially if we are
focused solely on survival. That is, he is alive dying.

K: Yes it depends on the pyramid of
needs, but I guess it also depends on the sensitivity, because I know people who K: they are sensitive and
open-minded enough to do so. K: they would be able to see these
different subtleties, these realities. K: But they are so consumed with
everything else around them. K: it’s not survival strictly, that there
is a war and we are all about to die. K: It is simply that it is the
wheel that is being released. K: I had a silly dream and this is the most commonly described,
but not a silly dream.

Well, well, but you see and for
such a position it is for me divesting ourselves of access to
certain resources that we could use. Maybe it’s silly, too.
And when, for example. I would observe, this with The prospect of how stupid it was to me. Everything I don’t understand is stupid. I might be afraid of that,

I can kill it, attack it, but
it doesn’t solve anything.

This surprises me in the position of a
child who is not in a state, so to speak, manage what comes to it. And that’s when it comes
to message, information see now news, but also how he
disposes of his attention. First of all, how does he
manage it, because we do. To remember dreams at all or
you need a lot of attention I don’t know if sense, but such
attentiveness and sensitivity.

K: And what I have, for example, very interesting. K: And I’m wondering how much of this is ADHD, and my neurodiversity …or is it normal…  because at the
moment when, for example, I have a K: some important event, that is, I don’t

know, I’m going somewhere to
a concert, to an event, to a K: meeting or I have a
game that is cool enough, that it will completely suck me in, because I have so sometimes
that I can play all day long loose myself …and I’m the Witcher, and , kill monsters, very cool form of  escapism. Well, yes, so it’s
me, if it’s me actually absorbs me a lot, then I
continue to do it at night. That is, I am then dreaming
of further computer game. K: The funniest thing was how one time a friend’s came over with his son and the kid was playing  Minecraft on our tv, which was interesting enough that we  seemingly chatted, but I
glanced for a while at what he was doing and… I was well
dreaming about those cubes all night.

K: And I walked around this world
and looked at all these things.

K: But this is the same as, for example,
when I was still photographing weddings.
when I went home, and went
to bed and I continued to work. K: I used to wake up tired.

You know, I, as a child, loved to pick mushrooms. Nowadays, this would be a forbidden phenomenon, Welfare, the police in general would be involved that  a nine-year-old is picking mushrooms in the woods on her own But after that I was dreaming about those mushrooms.  Well I dreamt of all those ferns,

under which I lay on the moss. Moss and Fern Tales was
my world in the woods. But later, when I jumped into this
technical work of mine, for example. I dreamt of silicone casts. Also such different things. Take a look in the dictionary
to find out what it means. 😉 

do you dream about some skeletons? Maybe because you made a lot of them.

K: It’s just that the brain has
to deal with a new experience.

Well, it was, it was. It was funny, but that’s what it is related to what we were
busy with, fascinated by. And also see sleep is
a kind of springboard. Maybe even like this game. You close your eyes and shoot
those balls, for example. whatever.

And in fact see, Whether we are using our
minds in a way that we are beneficial, whether we use
it at all consciously. Do we know what it is used
for and how it works? Because we very often think to
ourselves ah, I made it up. And it’s supposed to be like that. On the other hand, what can be realised. It takes place around what was
invented in a completely different way for example, comes, manifests itself. How we manage our attention and
the resources that are around us. Very often we are getting closer and
closer to the feeling that unlimited.

K: Yes, that’s right, that’s it. K: It’s fascinating because we
have an idea and it’s there. K: And that’s the way it has
to be. End of story, period.

K: That’s not quite the case at all.

And sometimes another way is
altogether more interesting. Well, and sometimes going
to the other one at all The website will be getting thorough.

K: Something else I was going to ask you,
because you work with people a lot. Did you 
noticed, for example, in some way change in what you dream than if there was
a lock down, like you couldn’t go out.

K: At your place it was easy,
because like for example K: You or I have access to the forest, you

have a garden, you have
nature, but take for example. K: our Kinga, who was at home.

You know what Karolina I will tell you so. I did not dream it, but from a sense of I was registering all those
locked, trapped people, Talking to his then
9-year-old son or eight.


For him, it was war.

And for me, from the perspective
of the body, it was also a war. 

I took the liberty of entering into this sense of insecurity, as it
was colportourized with information. I don’t go into whether it was factual or not, because that doesn’t
interest us here. The information went into
the ether and she was read. And I saw for myself all the losses,
all the closures, all the non-powers. To enter the experience of
the ancestors and see what I. From my perspective today in terms
of what their experience was, I can and this one, and when I
entered the most difficult. The feeling of yes, I’m about to die. Yes. I won’t be able to do that. And what will it be like?

 “f* knows”

That was the answer.

Well, all of a sudden I found that there were more and more
opportunities all around me. And basically this whole hecatomb is a fantastic resource to catapult further.

As I say in the garden just as it is a bad
year for tomatoes, cabbage will be good.

Well, and it hasn’t been
that way yet, somehow. So.

But I allowed myself to embrace the fears, to name, to situate. Arrange so that they do not keep me here do not go, there will be danger, here not allowed, and here it is you know, in the mask this you can not, that you can not.

Stop for  second.

I’m the one who decides what I can do and takes responsibility for it. But.

But this is also an
interesting observation.

K: this is an interesting observation, because still I, for example,
as I talked to people, K: then they dreamed of such very numerous things, for example, that
is, the brain and the K: what it was feeling inside itself and
kind of picking up on what was happening K: going around, and all the
social engineering that was used K: even more, it fueled them, because I
got a call from my grandmother, who wept that she dreamed that she would never see us again and oh my we would all die.

Well, that we will die, that is one thing

for sure,

K: that is for sure, life it is a fatal disease.

But you know, I’ll tell you. And recently this reflection came to me. It is surprising that all the time as with
the information about the threat of any We are fed information of eternal youth. The curmudgeonly blahs to tell me worse. And I’m thinking to myself, yes. Ephemera is supposed to be the only value. As if someone told me to again

I was 20 years old I would have slapped
him because all I had was a pack of There were very few resources inside, and
today, in retrospect, I believe that the Except for the packaging, which serves me better, worse and does not
make much difference de facto I have access to the amazing resources I have accumulated
during this time, But I wouldn’t have accumulated
them if I were still in my 20s. Losing maybe superficiality,
maybe lost, or maybe gained? I don’t know that either.

Its a matter of taste.

That is, I do not rely on outside opinion. I look at how much I have
gained from this apparent loss. And this perspective people, whether modern man does not grasp this, because there is either
steady growth or loss. Chicken, baked all the time, when
something flows and flows cyclically. This is phenomenal. It can flow. You know, I’m lucky enough to observe nature. I was born in grandmother
Antoinette’s cottage, I grew up in the ground, grew next to the ground, on the ground, and I see that it all needs to be done step, move as you take steps physically. You put your foot down, that is, that foot comes out of a certain stable
position, you put that foot and by the time you transfer your
body weight further, that foot has already

You stepped outside the circle.

You have already come out and only
then do you make a decision.

Can you expand on of your responsibility, whether you can move.  check.

And in fact, I could be afraid to take every step. But I don’t have to, Because I can see how he situates
his foot on stable ground, it there is a high probability
that it will be very safe. So de facto I don’t have
to be afraid of anything. Besides, you know, as you grow, you make one level up you stabilize, You go from another, you don’t
do two steps at a time, rarely, and now we always have
the opportunity to rest. We can always take a breath,
stop as in winter, observe. And reflect. And in the
meantime, marketing must fly. Buy something out there, it’s
just in the winter you know. It hangs on me.

Thank you.

K: But do you know what it is so from the
topic of dreams to the topic of dreams? K: There is one more thing
I will want to talk about. From your perspective as an
older woman now, or an older K: In the sense that wiser,
adult and well older than me

I love myself. Old woman.

The phrase old woman is like the
Virtuti Militari medal for me.

K: yes, but this is such a ridiculous term for me, because

K: I, for example, both feel like a
woman who will have, I don’t know,  eighty years old, as well as
one that is 15, because my brain has both.

Anyway Tell me if your dreams
have changed over the years. K: With just acquiring some
knowledge and some experience.

I will tell you that very often now I have
such dreams, which are very metaphorical, Which in these dreams are,
for example, solutions things that moved me there
or I needed to solve. And these dream solutions
in general are capital, Because they are exactly
between the words in point. I am not able to verbalize
it, for example. of this solution. But when I read this image, this
image penetrates me, reaches me. Then I already know what
the right solution is And it is, yes.

It is a tool.

Dream I have a feeling. It is as much a tool of the
mind as reading a book, one with understanding, because you can read
millions of books and still see nothing. But it’s all walking. Today, just at the massage my beloved Marzena I say: listen it doesn’t matter what tools we
have just whether we use them. And besides, it’s just like, for example.

With meditation. You have to do something in order to. You need to learn, for example. use some kind of tool, in order to determine
whether you still need it. Well, because it may turn out that this
skill will be useful in five years.

Very. And now, if a sleep hint comes to us whether any painting at all at my
place are paintings, or short plots lately, it appears to be working. I have seen, and I have a feeling that it also works on a deeper
level that I don’t even I need to be aware of which one
I will be able to use in the The moment when it will
be needed just then. This is what it looks like now. And also interesting are, for example. triple sequences. Very often I have three sequences combined And it’s one whole, kind of like a story.

K: Cool. K: I feel that with me they are so K: feature that since childhood,
even though they are growing. K: Just as I am growing, they are
somewhere, all the time merging together. K: That it’s kind of
like a second life that K: I have one that is alive and intertwined. I’m crossing
over to the other side.

I don’t know if you know this
quote from Asturias ace.

No one wakes up the same person, as long as he manages to get through the dream.

K: I didn’t know it, but it’s awesome and now.

As long as I can get through, that is,
into the matter, into the dream reality. That is, as if to focus in this image. I can wake up a different person and for To me, it’s like traveling that educates. Well, as long as someone wants to study, because perhaps it is consumption reducing the dream to the level

“but I had a stupid dream.”

K: Do you think, for example, at this moment K: so looking at Poland and art
history, and history, literature. K: We had brilliant national bards K: The Mickiewicz type, the Słowacki, and all the work in
general from that period. K: was very much based on dreams as well. 

And I’ll tell you this in my perception is that see after
123 years of absence from the maps.

But I look at it from the perspective that we are now dreaming the dream
of slavery and occupation. And I have a feeling. This is my, and perhaps
even my belief. I expect. I am about to see it in reality. And if not me, then my children. Everyone somewhere in this period. I feel that the fact that today we are
talking about these topics, that today I can discuss ancestral traumas with
a foreign passenger on the train. This is an absolute novelty. 30 years ago, this was impossible. And today people are
calling a spade a spade name, they say things they have not
been able to say openly since 1945. And in fact I feel that
this time is very important And do you know what this
spreading of hags does to you? That is one thing. But there are still

Millions of women, Polish women,
who quietly talk among themselves. Such little ants are the
foundation of great forests. we are invisible. We don’t push ourselves on the
forum and don’t need to shine. Every person who does his job, That is, what belongs to
him is the foundation.  I have, I have a sense of just going
through such supposed hecatombas, seemingly tragedies are
tragedies, just you know what. Today, as I was talking to this
magical Marzena of mine, I say listen:

A person can’t process the trauma, If its is frozen because its is too
big, or, for example, ancestral. If something is too big for me, I’m just deleting it somewhere
in my pockets hiding it. – Hiding it In the muscles, in the fascia. In the
body I keep because it’s too big for me.

K: At this point, it will spill out in dreams, for example.

Yes, yes, it will scare me, scare me in general.

It is also interesting that I have never had such dreams, scary horror movies, I’ve
never had a dream like that. The only one this fear from childhood just But I know it wasn’t mine. That I was never there, that I was.

Or maybe I was, but in another life.

K: Well, what about those scary dreams K: it’s with me that I have not
seen such a horror, dangerous. K: Such a typical scary one, that someone is chasing you, wants to kill you and so on.

K: But I was never afraid of that. K: For me, it’s always
been that kind of movie K: adventure, Indiana Jones in a
skirt and I run smashing the world.

K: And the only dream after which actually
I woke up, I had to check the door.. K: I have had a dream since I was a kid, K: that I wake up and there is an open door from the house,
that it is not locked. K: and it doesn’t even involve someone
entering or not entering the house. K: It’s just that all of a sudden you know, you have the door
closed and you go to sleep.

K: You know they are locked, but you are dreaming it real enough that someone wanted
to get into your house despite the fact that there
is no one there at all for K: with a door. It’s an open door and it’s
been a long time since I had that dream. K: And the last time I dreamed it
was in London, in a brand new hotel.

K: I changed the hotel where
I usually stay in London. K: And I just had this dream that K: first of all, someone wants to enter my room, this door is open, so I resist with my back against the door so that something doesn’t get into my room. K: And it was unpleasant
enough on its own, because it K: again, it’s not that it’s
terrible, it’s that kind of thing. K: Yes, inside you have this huge anxiety.

And you feel the danger.

K: Yes, exactly. K: So it’s not as much of
a fear as it was on the K: horror, just such an actual threat that
something some force, somewhere will  untrude you space and in fact you
even know what it’s about.

But see also that in dreams what you say, very clearly shown, and actually
felt any attempt to violate. We have no agreement and
you feel in your sleep real opposition and your real
opposition has a real effect. In reality, it varies, because at the real level we often say no. Whereas in the middle we say, yes kick me.

K: Yes we it is  the a victim card K:  that it
always goes wrong for me. It is sometimes.

Being such a nation after
so many transitions means that we have an incredibly high
potential after the healing of these All traumas that do not all
have to take place ad hoc. But we have access to amazing resources, Because behind every difficult
experience is incredible potential. I feel that way.

K: Yes, yes, exactly.

And will translate this experience into causality, because just because I didn’t stand in power at that moment doesn’t mean, That I cannot make capital, a resource,
out of this difficult experience. Once again, I can return to it, just
as I did to that recorded dream, Because it’s sometimes the case that I
like to write down very different dreams, It categorizes them into such
current and such permanent. And I return to some of these dreams constantly, because they
composed themselves in me As if they were some kind of clue,
I don’t know, a direction blinker. Mottem I might even say.
About one image. E.g. WRONG. Interesting.

K: Listen, because that’s how we have eight minutes left in this session, so I
don’t know if we’re going any further. K: Do you want to conclude
with any words, summaries?

Guess what?

I’ll tell you this. It’s raining at my place and it’s beautiful. And I can talk about dreams a lot, means willing to talk about this topic, because especially if someone analyses these issues, then I am vitally interested in it, because, for example. running with the wolves also treats this Dream perspective and in dreams there are also transmissions. Just cultural, mythological. But let’s note one more thing you need to distinguish between a spoken message, perhaps even a written one, and a media message or cultural so-called intellectuals. Because they are. For me, these are completely two worlds

K: yes definitely.These are two worlds K: the very imposition already of
this newspeak, and social concepts and social inventions are
also still there in my opinion K: a theme that I feel is quite artificially imposed on us.

Do you know what it will be? This will be another attempt
to traumatise the public, that If you put the seed in the
ground, the ground can handle it. And just as you leave people alone, then they will organise themselves in
such a way that it will be good for them. The thing about nature is that
no one wants to hurt themselves. Any such attempts to engineer and any interference in social relations, which naturally have the
opportunity to form, is foraging. For me, this is parasitism, but this parasitism has the potential to emerge only when these ties or communities are so
unformed, mature enough to sip like a pelican, or young
enough to believe it all. That’s why this promotion of youth.
An old woman, the cream
for youth must have.
K: then we can.
K: Now yes, let’s finish here.
K: If you still want to talk,
let’s flip to Facebook.
K: Let’s buy some time for Zuckerberg,
because we have 5 minutes left.
K: Thank you very much for the interview.
I for one am glad that you
are moving this topic at all.
We’ll see what comes of it next, but.
And I know.
I know.
He will have for sure. I am waiting and it with impatience.
K: Great, thanks.
K: Great.
K: If I still have questions,
I’ll get back to you .

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