17th Julia Margaret Cameron - Runner Up and a Category Winner - Karolina Skorek
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17th Julia Margaret Cameron – Runner Up and a Category Winner

I was so happy to find out that I became a runner up inn a professional photographers category in the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers.

As part of the award the image will be exhibited in the FotoNostrum Gallery in Barcelona.

The competition is part of The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. The WPGA was incorporated launching an international competition for professional and amateur photographers. Winning images were exhibited on June 2010 at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid.

Competion is named after Julia Margaret Cameron who was a British photographer considered to be one of the most important portraitists of the 19th century. She is known for her soft-focus close-ups of famous Victorian men and for illustrative images depicting characters from mythology, Christianity, and literature. She also produced sensitive portraits of women and children.

The competition is open to women photographers, pro and non pro, working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought.  Women photographers can participate with their visual perspective in 23 thematic categories. It gives a chance to be seen to female photographers, in an industry still dominated by men. 

The Award is being juried by Laura Ann Noble (UK, Founder and Director of LA Noble Gallery in London, Artist, Writer, Lecturer, Curator and Photo Reviewer)
Jennie Rickets (Ireland, Founder of the online gallery jennyrickets.com, Lecturer, Curator, Photo Reviewer)

My works were selected in :

17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Professional Single Image Runner Up

17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Category Winner : Fine Art Single Image

17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Honorable Mention: Digital and Nude & Figure and Fine Art Series.

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