Poust - Dreamscapes : Dreams and Destiny - Karolina Skorek

Poust – Dreamscapes : Dreams and Destiny

Poust, offers a reflective discourse on the nature and significance of dreams. Poust views dreams as a form of communication, more than just a reworking of daily events. They describe dreams as occasionally being a means of manipulation or a tool for achieving certain objectives, and as a medium for coexistence and the realization of specific goals.

Poust recounts specific instances of dream communication, mentioning that direct conversations in dreams have been rare. They highlight the cultural and historical importance of dreams, particularly noting changes in perception and practices related to dreams in Poland over time. The document also touches upon how dreams were historically given more weight and significance, with rituals and practices surrounding sleep and dreaming.

Furthermore, Poust discusses the idea of dreams as a journey to another dimension, often led by a guide. In this context, Powder is mentioned as a guide who takes them on these dream journeys. Poust also delves into the concept of dreams as a space for non-intrusive communication, suggesting that greater belief in dreams could simplify human interactions and connections with spirits or the subconscious.

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