Crux Philologrum - the animation - Karolina Skorek
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Crux Philologrum – the animation

The research into the alternation of time and space lead me into researching quantum theory. I became fascinated with the relativity theory (Dragan, 2022), and the explanations of it all. This is when I found a Crux Philologorum symbol (Dragan, 2019) that became the underpinning narrative of my works for ARD 717. In a simple words Crux Philologorum is used he symbol usually used in the classical philology used to mark a space in the ancient texts that according to the publisher were irreversibly distorted. It is also a mathematical symbol often used in quantum theory. It is used, to denote the operation of reversing the direction of the passage of time in the evolution of quantum particles. For me this was a perfect explanation of my memories that are usually distorted, to the point they feel dreamlike. This is what sparked the idea of creating collages and digital paintings using old family photographs as a base. It resulted in a tryptic of surreal paintings that show the viewers an alternative reality full of control as seen in the Alternative Memories Crux Philologorum vol1 image, or fantastical landscapes with creatures from different realms walking among people (Alternative Memories – Crux Philologorum vol 2 and vol 3).  

After seeing the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at V&A in London I decided to combine the Altered Memories work with the simulation error video opening it with my meditation self-portrait. I projected it onto a white wall with a veil in front of it. This resulted in an even more distorted experience 

I used the Sunny Side of the Street as a soundtrack for this animation, as it was a great juxtaposition to the dark visuals. 

I tried different music, I tried modern electronic, i tried retro electornic, but this classic was giving it a perfect feel.

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