Kaixuan Feng - Karolina Skorek
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Kaixuan Feng

Kaixuan Feng is an established Chinese artist who is recognized for her striking representations of the human body and her versatility across multiple mediums including photography, textile work, calligraphy, and painting. Her works are often marked by themes of power, movement, and humanity.

One of Feng’s most notable series is called “Cheveux d’Encre,” which translates to “Ink Hair.” In this performance art series, she combines the art of Chinese calligraphy and body art. During these performances, she uses her hair, impregnated with India ink, to trace giant shapes on a monumental canvas, essentially transforming her body into a brush. Each performance is conducted in front of a large audience, sometimes numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. For each show, she creates a new white satin dress that will eventually be stained with ink, symbolising the transition from purity to experience and the ephemeral nature of life. Each performance thus becomes a ritual exercise, and each work is seen as an opportunity for metamorphosis and reincarnation.

Her work within this series includes pieces such as:

– “Cheveux d’Encre – BRUME” – Roubaix 2015
– “Extrait “Cheveux d’Encre – EMOTION” “, 2017
– “Cheveux d’Encre – POUSSIERES DES SENS (Extrait N°IV)”, 2019
– “Extrait “Cheveux d’Encre – POUSSIERES DES SENS” ( # G )”, 2019
– “Extrait “Cheveux d’Encre – BRUME” ( N°6 )”, 2015


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