FACT Liverpool LUCY HUTCHINSON - Karolina Skorek
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Into the Shade is a new body of work by Lucy Hutchinson, which explores the relationship between printmaking, witchcraft, and biotechnology from a personal perspective. Lucy’s work investigates how fictions relating to gender, social class and regionalism continue to haunt our world today and speculates on how these could be disrupted in the future.

I had very high hopes for this exhibition. This subject is very close to my practice and my interests, but I felt it wasnt enough, it didnt go deep. Maybe because I am very invlolved with pagan, mystical and witchcraft traditions in Poland I felt this didnt even scratch the surface. 
I loved the space that Chila Kumari Singh Burman curated for the artists, it beautifully connected both exhibitions, and I found the Into the Shade structure fascinating, with the optical illusions and the little sculpture inside. 

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